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charred sweet potatoes

45 minutes

2 Servings


If there's one truth here on this beautiful day, it's that sweet potatoes are special.

A while back, when we really dove into the world of charcoal grilling and wood smoking, we stumbled upon this amazing way to enjoy sweet potatoes. It's so simple, especially if you're grilling a whole dinner:

1. Wash your sweet potatoes.

2. Throw them directly on the grill.

3.Let 'em sit till they bubble. You can't eat the skin on these babies, but the inside turns into an amazingly creamy mashed sweet potato!

charred sweet potatoes


  1. preheat your grill - according to whatever else you're cooking for the night.   if it's just sweet potatoes, get your grill up to 275 / 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. wash and dry your sweet potatoes.

  3. place the whole, unwrapped sweet potato on indirect heat and let them cook until the outside is charred, you can see caramelized sugar bubbling through the skin, and the inside is tender. usually takes 30-45 min.

How to make


  • sweet potatoes

  • charcoal grill

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