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  • charred sweet potatoes

    If there's one truth here on this beautiful day, it's that sweet potatoes are special. A while back, when we really dove into the world of charcoal grilling and wood smoking, we stumbled upon this amazing way to enjoy sweet potatoes. It's so simple, especially if you're grilling a whole dinner

    45 minutes

    2 Servings

  • butter and brown sugar roasted acorn squash

    thank you nature for winter squashes. acorn. delicata. butternut. you name it. we nosh it. if you haven't done this for yourself, roast some winter squash with butter and brown sugar. I promise, you won't hate it at all.

    45 minutes - 1 hour

    1 Serving

  • nuni's four bean salad

    shout out to my mom, lovingly known as Nuni, for this foolproof recipe. it's a crowd pleaser and good for any season or eaters with restrictions.

    10 minutes

    4 - 6 servings