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homemade smoked spices

Updated: Feb 22, 2021


Why spend extra cash on smoked dried spices when you can do it yourself?!

Keeping the smoker at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or lower will keep your spices from toasting while they smoke. Smoking your own dried spices adds a nice smoky umami to your garlic powder, chili powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, peppercorns, or whatever else you choose to experiment with!



  • 18 OZ granulated garlic powder (one container from Costco)

  • 1 large non-reactive container to hold your spices (aka don't use metal! the house recommends ceramic baking dishes even though they change colors from the smoke)

  • Wood or pellet smoker

  • other spices you can use: chili powder, onion powder, paprika, table salt, flake sea salt (Maldon), whole black peppercorn, whole pink peppercorn


  1. Preheat your smoker to 180 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Pour all of your garlic powder into your non-reactive container.

  3. Place container on coldest side of your smoker and let that baby smoke!

  4. Check the spices after 30 minutes - stir - taste. If it tastes right, take it off the smoker. If you want to keep smoking, let it roll! Keep checking every 25 - 30 minutes, stir, and taste.

//notes on the recipe// when you're smoking spices, always use non-reactive containers to hold the spices (we use ceramic baking dishes, they do turn brown from smoke -- don't use metal)

your smoker temp should be no more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit

the containers holding your spices should never be above direct heat > put it on the coldest side of your grill/smoker

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